Numbers in a mess

Numbers in a mess

Mitch was referred to us as the numbers in his financial statements didn’t add up. This happens a lot. When we reviewed his financials and bookkeeping, it was immediately apparent that the bookkeeping was riddled with errors. According to the records, there was a $160,000 loss.

Fixing the bookkeeping was way too complicated so we redid the accounts from scratch to reveal a $10,000 profit.

Mitch’s previous accountants were on auto-pilot and had taken his bookkeeping records on face value, even though they made no sense at all. As a result, he’d been making decisions on false information and running his business blind! With the ramifications of tax and business valuations also at stake, Mitch moved all his bookkeeping, cashflow, accounting and tax management to us to ensure these errors never occurred again.

* This is a real case study, we’ve just changed the client name to protect their privacy.