Australia’s only specialist Emergency & Preventative Accountants

We started out as a little bookkeeping business, many years ago.

We soon grew to a full-service business accounting firm with specialist in-house expertise in tax planning, tax accounting, management accounting, financial accounting and strategic forecasting and trend analysis.

Emergency and Preventative Accounting came about because we were stunned and horrified at how often we were finding issues with people’s accounts… and how big some of them were – both in dollar and human damage terms.

No one was there to help with a real crisis

We coined the phrase ‘search and rescue’ for the clients who really needed some decent attention and a complete fix-up and until recently, that’s what we called our Emergency Accounting service. As people began to hear about us and seek us out for this kind of work, we became involved in more drastic situations where people were really suffering.

One CEO had lost everything, including his marriage and was living in a shoebox apartment with no fridge for six months before we met him and helped him sort things out. Another was up for unpaid superannuation worth hundreds of thousands without realising more than that had been siphoned out of the company by an ex-employee over a number of years. Many were facing unnecessary liquidation and loss of property. Marriage breakdowns, health issues and enormous reputational damage were not uncommon.

Almost every client we saw was blindsided and bewildered. And these were competent, intelligent, successful men and women on the whole.

We were helping 80% of the people we met find & fix major errors!

The good news is that we are able to help the vast majority of people who come to us. Sometimes we can help a lot, sometimes we can help a little but one thing is for sure, we’re entirely committed to getting the very best outcome for each and every client we take on.

A systemised and effective solution for an accounting crisis was necessary

Because the work we do is actually about saving people’s lives from the havoc a financial crisis can wreak, we can relate more to the work of a hospital emergency room than the accounting industry in general. And that’s how we see ourselves today – Specialists in Emergency & Preventative Accounting.

It was easy for us to make this connection too because our founder, Catherine McMurtrie has a background in the medical industry and we already had systems in place that had been designed on the ER style format… Codes for various levels of emergency… A step by step ‘triage’ approach to allow us to thoroughly investigate and find issues quickly and so on. Most importantly though, we know how critical it is to care for the ‘patient’ as much as the problem.

Preventative measures to maintain good accounting ‘health’ were also essential

Most of the clients we helped in an emergency became ongoing clients automatically. They simply didn’t want to risk facing major issues again.

It simply made sense for us to develop robust processes to maintain accounting systems over the long term. The packages we offer today provide a wide range of businesses with everything they need to be able to have confidence in their accounts and financial situation in the future, offering all of us peace of mind!