The ultimate in peace of mind…

Accounts you can rely on and no nasty surprises

Most of the time when people think of accounting, they’re thinking about bookkeeping tax returns. Maybe wages and super if there are staff. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. What lies beneath is a lot of opportunity and potential risk that is left unexplored.

For real peace of mind (and to really maximise your performance), we believe there are…

5 critical goals to meet in ongoing accounts management: 

  1. Your accounting is intrinsically linked to your business objectives, situation, trade and trends;
  2. Your systems and procedures are really solid and reliable;
  3. Your bookkeeping is spotless;
  4. Your tax, super and wages compliance is top notch, up to date and
  5. Your accounts make sense and you know how to ‘read’ them.

When you start working with us, we’ll immediately commence moving your position to one that ticks the 5 goal boxes outlined above. Depending on the package you select, this might include:

Joe was puzzled about why his tax bill kept going up and his accountant was coming up with nothing in the way of an explanation. Regardless, he thought he was up to date until the ATO started calling.

By the time Joe called us he was in a panic. The ATO was chasing him for $45,000, refusing to make payment arrangements and demanding payment within 4 days to avoid a Directors Penalty Notice which would transfer the company debt to personal debt. On top of this, his wife knew nothing of it.

We got hold of the accounting software, logged into the ATO portal and quickly figured out where the tax debt was coming from. His accounts were wrong. We were able to revise the figures and after a call to the ATO, we made arrangements to pay what was just $10,000 owing.

Of course Joe was relieved and happy. He immediately transferred all his bookkeeping, accounting and tax management to us to ensure things like that never happened again.

* This is a real case study, we’ve just changed the client name to protect their privacy.

Step one:

Getting into shape

Clean up of your accounts to reflect the correct position of your business
Install robust accounting & bookkeeping systems
Overhaul debtors & creditors procedures
Correct tax where required
Superannuation compliance reviewed and reported

Step two:

Taking Control

Cashflow analysis & planning
Budgets & Forecasting
Directors solvency reviewed and protected
PPSR Registration
Statistical review of the business and forward planning
Company restructuring if required

Step three:

Managing & optimising your position

Forward planning for growth
Ratio analysis review
Ongoing business fitness reporting
Strategic tax planning
ATO negotiations on current ATO liabilities
Debt relief where applicable

Repeat these steps over and over, and you have

A proactive accounting partner dedicated to helping you succeed

Because your business is growing and changing constantly, your accounting needs to keep pace and adjust as well. That’s why we like to work in ‘partnership’ with our clients as specialists who brings all the accounting essentials they need, depending on where they’re at right now.

Our ‘everything you need’ packages have been designed specifically for businesses who are early in their growth phase (wanting to maintain momentum), used to growth or perhaps expanding (needing intelligent tax and cashflow planning) and established (needing bullet-proof systems, structures and compliance).

Mitch was referred to us as the numbers in his financial statements didn’t add up. This happens a lot. When we reviewed his financials and bookkeeping, it was immediately apparent that the bookkeeping was riddled with errors. According to the records, there was a $160,000 loss.

Fixing the bookkeeping was way too complicated so we redid the accounts from scratch to reveal a $10,000 profit.

Mitch’s previous accountants were on auto-pilot and had taken his bookkeeping records on face value, even though they made no sense at all. As a result, he’d been making decisions on false information and running his business blind! With the ramifications of tax and business valuations also at stake, Mitch moved all his bookkeeping, cashflow, accounting and tax management to us to ensure these errors never occurred again.

* This is a real case study, we’ve just changed the client name to protect their privacy.

What level of accounting do you need?

  • Monthly account keeping
  • Employees
  • Quarterly BAS
  • GST reconciliations
  • PAYG reconciliations
  • Quarterly super reconciliations
  • Tax planning in line with current growth
  • Bank accounts (data entry and reconciliations)
  • Credit card data entry and reconciliations

  • $295

    per month excl. GST

  • You’ve been in business for 1-2 years+ and you’re at the start of an exciting growth phase. You want to ensure your tax planning is spot on and there are no cashflow issues around the corner.
  • up to 3
  • 6 monthly
  • 1 bank account. Up to 100 transactions.
  • no
  • * Most Popular


  • $472

    per month excl. GST

  • You’ve been in business 3-4 years and you know how critical it is to manage your tax and cashflow carefully. Your growth is still good but you want to be sure there’ll be no accounting or tax issues to trip you up.
  • up to 5
  • Quarterly
  • 2 bank accounts. Up to 200 transactions.
  • no

  • $725

    per month excl. GST

  • Your business is strong and with ATO compliance and staffing, it’s absolutely essential that your accounting is top notch.
  • up to 8
  • Quarterly
  • 2 bank accounts. Unlimited transactions.
  • 1 credit card. Up to 300 transactions.

At last, someone who cares about your accounts as much as you do!

Hi, I’m Catherine McMurtrie, Principal of Advanced Accounts.

I hope you’ve already read something about what we do and the kind of results we get for our clients, because chances are, we will find a way to help you and get the very best outcome possible too.

I started Emergency & Preventative Accounting Specialists for three reasons:

  1. Over the years we’ve become expert in this important area
  2. Too many accountants are making too many mistakes!
  3. And, of all the work we do, I believe this is the most important. In this field of accounting, it’s not just about numbers, it’s about people’s lives.

Forget everything you thought you knew about accountants… we are tough ATO negotiators, relentless and dogged investigators, business-minded strategists, lateral-thinking numbers people and dedicated wingmates.

I am looking forward to partnering with you and helping you achieve both peace of mind and a genuine business advantage through actively managed accounting – the way it should be.”